The Assistant (2017)
Surface (2017)
The Grave (2017)
The Vessel on the Edge of the Abyss (2018)
Vanishing Point (2017)
The Conjurer (2017)
The Magic Trick I (2017)
The Magic Trick I (2017)
The Host (2017)
The Ridge (2017)
The Map (2017)
Behind (2017)
Dull Reflection (2017)
A Silent Place (2017)
The Diving-Bell (2017)
Soft Mountain (2017)
Mapper (2017)
Tribal Mapping (2017)
The Raft (2017)
Inner Quarters (2017)
Myth Maid (2017)
Myth Maid (Mascara) (2017)
The Myth Maid Redemption (2017)
The Gift (2017)
Cavity  2017)
The Dark White Redemption (2016)
Studying Redemption I (2016)
Studying Redemption II (2016)
Studying Redemption III (2016)
Dead Weight (2016)
Bioluminescence Isolation (2016)
Studying the Bioluminescence Isolation II (2016)
Studying the Bioluminescence Isolation I (2016)
Going in to Trance I (2016)
Going in to Trance II (2016)
Going in to Trance III (2016)
Going in to Trance IV (2016)
Going in to Trance V (2016)
Trance (2016)
Stingray (2016)
Manta Ray (2016)
Returning (2016)
The Preparation (2016)
Gill skin (2015)
Baba Yaga (2016)
Transformer (2016)
Textile Archaeology (2015)
Lightkeeper (2015)
The Great Expand (2015)
The Source (2016)
Dissolution (2015)
Barricade (2015)
Ant-man III & II (2015)
Dissolving (2015)
Solitude (2015)
Dead Harvest (2016)
On Display (2015)
Preparing for Armor (2016)
Totems (2015)
Talisman (2015)
Human Monolith (2015)
Howling (2015)
The Hint (2015)
The Rapture (2015)
At the Crossroads (2015)
Whisper Room (2014)
Carrier (2014)
The Beast Turning Back (2014)
Psych Ward (2014)
Cold Heat (2014)
Black Hole (2014)
Wounded (2014)
The Obvious (2014)
The First Tipii (2014)
Being Obvious (2014)
The Passage (2014)
Witchcraft (2014)
Holy Water (2014)
Into the River (2014)
The Cabin (2014)
The Ward (2014)
Comfort (2014)
The Cabin II (2014)
Departed (2013)
Comforter (2014)
Disguised by The Light (2013)
Shelter (2013)
Geist III (2013)
Snakes (2013)
Eels (2013)
Dead Dogs (2013)
Departed (2013)
Clean Up (2013)
Remedy (2013)
Departed (2013)
The Investigator (2013)
The Rear Mirror, (2013)
Intimidated (2013)
The Trapper (2013)
While Unconscious (2012)
Other Space (2012)
Looking for Eels (2012)
Manhole (2012)
Satan's Feet (2012)
Strumpfhosen (2012)
Powerplace (2012)
Nykränkt (2012)
Trickster (2012)
Heritage, Original Litograph
Printed on 300 gr. Velin d’Arches paper, 100x69 cm
80 ex numbered and signed by the artist
Now there’s two new stone lithographies by Sara-Vide Ericson, printed at Edition Copenhagen in April 2018. Available at:
Galleri Magnus Karlsson
V1 Gallery
Edition Copenhagen
The 1h documentary ”Sara-Vide Ericson” by documentary movie maker Jacob Frössén is now available to rent at (only in Swedish). The movie was broadcasted 2014 at Swedish Television as a K-Special documentary.

Read more:

DARK WHITE, Solo show, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. 28.10-19.11 2016.

’Fermenting’, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden. 9.4­15.5 2016.

”We have the pleasure to present Sara­Vide Ericson’s fourth solo exhibition in the gallery; Fermenting. The exhibition features paintings made in the last year. The work of the exhibition coincided with the artist moving back to her former home in Hälsingland, Sweden. In the encounter between the past and the present, she has found material for her new works. It’s a personal settlement with her roots and the unraveling of previous generations. She has among other things used stolen clothes and inherited objects when staging her tableaus in “sacred” places. By making use of a performative and more intuitive method where an event is recreated or rather lived, she has experienced a greater freedom of work and challenged herself. In the exhibition catalog journalist Sanna Samuelsson writes about her meeting with Sara­Vide and her art.

Sara­Vide describes painting as a transformative act, where things take shape, and at the same time are given prolonged life, contrary to the photographs she takes during the work process, that she sees merely as snapshots of a course of events, as frozen moments.
“When I paint, the mental space I occupy starts of as a dark room where the light slowly intensifies as the work progresses. I eventually see the situation and location more clearly, and can see beneath the surface. If I paint it, this continues to happen. It’s like exhaling into a glass, and the breath is still there in the form of condensation. This is where the feeling is. The image doesn’t exist until I paint it.”
From the text Heavy Water by Sanna Samuelsson.
(translated to English by Richard G. Carlsson)

Sara­Vide Ericson was born in Hälsingland in 1983, where she has now returned to live and work. She studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2003—2009), and received much attention for her graduation show She Wolf at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm (2008). The collaboration with Galleri Magnus Karlsson started with a solo presentation, Ride, at Market Art Fair in Stockholm (2010). She has since then had two major exhibitions, Liar (2010) and While Unconscious (2012) and a smaller, The Basement Drawings (2013), in the gallery. The film, Sara­Vide Ericson, where Jacob Frössén followed her work for several years, was broadcasted on Swedish national television (K Special) in 2014. In the fall of 2014 she had her first exhibition at the Danish gallery V1, Copenhagen, and in 2015 she began a collaboration with the New York gallery Albertz Benda, where she has participated in two curated group exhibitions, Empire of Senseless (2015) and Like­ness (2016). She has also exhibited at museums and art centers in Sweden and internationally. In 2011, she was chosen by the curators Robert Storr and Francesca Pietrapaolo to show in North by New York: New Nordic Art at Scandinavia House in New York. Right now there are a number of her works in the exhibition Luftslottet at Norrköping Art Museum, Sweden (until 28.8). As of 20.4, she participates in the exhibition Swedish Art: Now! at Sven­Harry’s Art Museum, Stockholm, which gathers the most promising Swedish artists of this moment.”

For more info, please
Image caption: Dissolving, 46x55 cm, Oil on canvas, 2015.
Sara-Vide Ericson is one of the artists in the group exhibition Luftslottet curated by Johanna Uddén at Norrköpings Konstmuseum. The exhibition runs between 13 of February - 28 of August, 2016. Image: Sara-Vide Ericson, 'Enchantment' 2015. Oil on canvas 140x110 cm.
The solo exhibition "Utmarker" at Bollnäs Artmuseum, Sweden, runs between 4 of July until 14 of August 2015. Image caption: ”Talisman", Oil on canvas, 140x170 cm, 2015.
Installation documentation of the three works ”Cold Heat”, ”The Obvious” and ”The Rapture” which was part of the group show ”Empire Of The Senseless” at Friedman Benda, New York. Participating artists: Nina Chanel Abney, Francesca DiMattio, Sara-Vide Ericson, Natalie Frank, Kristina Jansson and Rosa Loy.
Interview by Robin Myrick for Entropy Magazine. Read here.
Rodeo Magazine, autumn edition 2014. (By Sanna Samuelsson and Märta Thisner)
The solo exhibition ”Hidden Beings” opens 15 aug 2014 17.00 - 20. 00 at V1 Gallery, Flæsketorvet, Copenhagen, Denmark. The exhibition runs August 15 - September 20 2014. For more info:

V1 Gallery also shows new works by Sara-Vide Ericson at CHART Art Fair, Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen, Denmark. CHART runs August 29 - August 31 2014. For more info: and
A documentary by Jacob Frössén will be broadcasted on Swedish public television (SVT, K-special) 25, 26 and 30 april, 2014. After that on

Sara-Vide Ericson, Orosdi Back

The book about Sara-Vide Ericson, with essay by Milou Allerholm, published by Orosdi Back is released. Read more or order the book at Orosdi Backs website.

Geist I, Oil on paper, 53x63 cm, 2013
Clean up, Oil on paper, 53x63 cm, 2013
The Basement Drawings, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm

The Basement Drawings consists of new works on paper and will be exhibited in the inner rooms at Galleri Magnus Karlsson. The exhibition runs from Oct 17 until November 3, 2013.

The show will open with a book release of the new catalogue "Sara-Vide Ericson", published by Orosdiback as a part of their series Swedish Artists and Illustrators.

Departed, Oil on canvas, 110x140 cm, 2013
CHART Art Fair, Copenhagen

Galleri Magnus Karlsson shows new works by Sara-Vide Ericson at CHART Art Fair, Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen. CHART runs Aug 30 - 1 sep 2013. For more info: and

Intimidated, Oil on canvas, 140x170 cm, 2013
News, summer 2013

The group exhibition "Time Waits for Us" is being shown at Galleri Magnus Karlsson (Stockholm, Sweden) 30 May - 18 August 2013.

The Trapper, Oil on canvas, 120x140 cm, 2013
News, spring 2013

The exhibition "While Unconscious" is being shown at Gävleborgs County Museum (Gävle, Sweden) 26 January - 31 march 2013

A documentary film; working title "A film about Sara-Vide Ericson" will be broadcasted on Swedish public television this autumn. Filmmaker Jacob Frössen has followed the artist during two years. (

The Artists First extensive Monograph will be published this autumn . The book also contains an essay by art historian Milou Allerholm. Publishing house Orosdi-Back. (

Sara-Vide Ericson will participate with new works in the group show "Time waits for us" at Galleri Magnus Karlsson (Stockholm, Sweden) 30 march - 4 august 2013.

Strumpfhosen, Oil on canvas, 150x130 cm, 2012
Upcoming exhibition:

"While Unconscious", Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Opening 15 november, 2012